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An award-winning British-born writer, from in Bradford, Yorkshire, from a working-class Russian Jewish community. My work traverses multiple mediums and platforms from cinema to premium TV drama and documentary to platform-ready brand content. I write, produce, and liaise with global clients on projects from start to finish and have a wealth of experience on all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production. 


Recent Work Includes:

Created and wrote the three-part family drama, "Unfiltered," for BBC One (2023).


Spearheaded the thrilling 6-part drama, "The Trial," for ITVX, exploring a state-of-the-nation Jury trial (2023).


Innovated the true-crime Netflix drama/documentary series, "Bad Girlfriend" (2023).


Pioneered "Beyond A Joke," a feature documentary delving into cultural appropriation. (2022)


Shaped "Outsmarted," the mid-form Channel 4 Digital series spotlighting miraculous escapes from tormentors. (2023)




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